Evocative portraiture for the unafraid

Don't hide your fire. Do you.
Love today for the rest of your life.

This is your invitation to:


Make -- and hold onto -- an epic memory all about what makes your good days amazing


Celebrate (or perpetrate?!) your romance outside of everyone else's "rules of engagement"


Stop over-planning, stressing over details, and accounting for everyone else's input 


Invest in a real-life experience that matters to YOU (no performance required!)

I have an un-typical take on photography... 

We call it what it is: 3 hours of photography

I don't care what we call what you want to do -- an engagement session, a bridal session, a solo portrait session, an elopement, a couple's shoot, an editorial shoot, a love session, a branding shoot (or any of the other thousand variations other photographers have applied) -- I provide you with EVOCATIVE, AUTHENTIC-TO-YOU FINE ART PORTRAITURE.

What you see here is what you can get here if all you want is pictures. I see beauty wherever I go, and I am always trying to hold onto it by photographing what I see. I'm here to share that with you. Period. Stop. End of story. Let's not worry about selling you on anything else.

real TALK:

EASY Booking:

Whether you come to me, or whether I come to you, we're investing in YOUR memory, not MY adventure.

Nobody wants hidden costs or complicated packages based on your budget, my massage needs, or anybody's celebrity status. You pick your location, and I'll meet you there with my camera in tow.  This rate is your rate where I'm based in CHARLESTON SC,  SF BAY AREA CALIFORNIA, or traveling WORLDWIDE.


Working with Kellē wasn’t “work”, it felt like Kellē was always meant to be at our wedding.

- Kevin & Katrina, Charleston SC

now booking

How To Be A Lover

3-hours of on-location photography about you, in love. Live your love story. Enjoy today. Keep it real.

how it happens

The offer

3 hours of Easy, Intimate, On-Location Photography (+ 3 hr add-on option)

You’ll get a mix of posed and playful  authentic editorial-level photos in a location you love. Enjoy a pared-back shoot experience that will allow you to carve out meaningful time with your lover, bookmark an experience you don’t want to forget, and make much ado about you and your love.  

Communicate your vision, articulate the story you want to tell, and meet the photographer. I have 20 years of experience as a creative director that will both allow you to set your own direction, and get the pieces into place to bring your vision to life. Get involved in the art you want to be a part of.

You will receive a digital collection of editorial-level images meant to let you relive and fall in love with your experience again and again. The images will be accompanied by a personal print & usage release that will allow you to print them and to show them off privately or publicly as you wish

the process


2 pre-shoot Creative Planning Calls + Concept Development 

The Delivery

Hassle-free access to Full Digital Image Collection + Print Licensing

This is for you if...

You are the one who...


...doesn't actually need photos - but you never thought love could be this good.


...has had enough people telling you that “this is what love looks like.” You already know.


...already has the life you want, and you’re just looking for something that fits YOU. 


...knows that "following your gut" is a really good idea. You're ready to go for it.


...isn't afraid to be (or allow) a little "extra" if it means an experience you won't have to forget


When you hire Kellē

You get to:

+ do you

+ keep it simple

+ Hold onto today

+ enjoy the love

let's do this thing

oooh, Kellē. I am smitten by it all over again! You captured everyone blissed out with happiness.

- Emily & ANDY, Charlotte NC

Want a little fire? A little emotion? A little passion? I'm here for that if you are.

- k.

The photographer

Meet Kellē

I don't believe in bored. I stay fascinated.

I've been at this photography thing for over 20 years, and I am pretty sure "success" for me is just getting to do what I love on repeat. My pictures are poetry, but I like human things honest, easy, and clear.  My favorite clients are my favorite people: the lovers who can't get enough of being in love. (Don't worry, guys. It doesn't end here.  I promise.) If that's you,  I already love you. It's amazing what happens when you don't settle.

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