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If you're a girl like me (and if you're an old soul here, I think you might be), you've probably spent most of your life dreaming about being a bride. Mostly because you wanted to wear that dress that makes you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Or maybe because you're dreaming of a wedding in a special place where you feel beautiful. Or because you're walking down an aisle toward a man who believes you're the most beautiful woman he's ever met. Your wedding is all about that feeling, that chance to feel that wonder that you are alive and you are more beautiful than you've dared to let yourself believe.

You want to remember loving and being loved. No matter what the plans and the logistics add up to, you want to feel like you can fly, and you want to remember that sense that absolutely anything is possible for your today and for your tomorrows too. I know. I want to remember that too.

This is why I created Exquisitrie for my bridal clients. As a person who sees people, I'm not a "wedding photographer," per se, but I will give you everything I have to give on your wedding day so that every image in your Exquisitrie photography collection takes you back to that feeling. I want you to remember the sounds of his voice low in your ear, the way you felt giggling through your butterflies, the warmth of your dad's arm as you walked with him toward your groom, the tears in your mom's throat as she looked deep into your eyes beneath your veil. I want to give you back the sky on your wedding day, show you your beauty in the setting you chose, capture the way the whole world celebrated with you. 

It doesn't matter if you're eloping, sharing an intimate wedding with friends and family, or just wanting bridal or boudoir pictures with me, I want you to see how deeply you loved and were loved, and how you became more beautiful because of it. 

Exquisitrie wedding collections begin at $1,000/HR

exquisitrie portrait collections begin at $950

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She didn’t scream. She didn’t run. She didn’t faint.
There might have been a little crying.
But mostly… she danced.

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