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It all begins with a conversation. Email me. Call me. Or schedule a creative consultation with me so we can chat about your shoot. I'll probably whip together a free mood board for you after we chat so you can see what I'm feeling about our shoot. We'll figure out where you fit - Exquisitrie, Signature, or Peter & Piper - and sort out some collection options for you. (It's all pretty custom, because everybody's needs are different.)

When you decide to book, we'll set a date, and I will send you a contract to sign and request a retainer for 50% of your full session price. Once I have those in hand, the real work can begin - wedding timelines, travel details, outfit selections, locations, and more. I get to be there for you creatively when you need me.

Then we get to shoot together. This is my favorite part, meeting you in person, talking your ear off for a while from behind my camera, making a fool of myself to make you feel as comfortable as I can. (Unless I'm at your wedding, of course, then I try to keep my head down so that everybody feels comfortable. I'll be that girl with the camera trying to write a story in photos about how your day feels, and maybe affectionately bossing Uncle Bob around a little bit when he gets in my way with his really nice camera.)

Finally, I take your photos home with me and finish creating your collection based on all our discussions and inspirations. As a services-based photographer, photos are delivered in a printable web album. If you want something to hold in your hand, however, proof prints and custom print albums are available a la carte.

Peter & Piper collections are usually delivered within 2 weeks of our session. Exquisitrie & Signature collections are usually delivered within 4 weeks of our shoot, unless otherwise specified in our conversations.

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When people ask me what I shoot, I never know quite how to describe my signature photography collections except to say that I believe that "fine art" is found in life itself, in the way we move and live, in the beauty of our being just who we were created to be. With a little bit of styling and creative collaboration, the images I make for this sensual collection take portraiture and lifestyle photography to an almost-reverent level. These are the images that take my breath away.

INCLUDED SESSION TYPES: branding photography, social media content creation, product & fashion photography, fine art portraiture

I believe in loving your real life and making much of what you have and the people you love. I also believe that laughter is the best recipe for the best memories, and letting down with your people is more important than being perfect. Peter & Piper portrait collections contain some of my favorite unstyled moments, stories of people being people and living full into their lives, no creative direction required. I will always talk styling with you, but I love you where you are, as you are.

INCLUDED SESSION TYPES: family, maternity/newborn, seniors, and some limited life event coverage (birth, birthday, anniversary, etc.)

Thirteen years ago, I created an exclusive wedding photography brand for "the girl in the white dress." I wanted to capture the exquisite range of feeling wedding days bring to a bride, everything from giddy celebration to the tender familiarity between my couples. Exquisitrie collections let me apply my art to love stories, bridal sessions, and bridal fashion, making timeless, unforgettable images that speak of real-life memories and dreams-come-true.

INCLUDED SESSION TYPES: weddings, elopements, bridal, engagement, boudoir

Exquisitrie wedding collections begin at $1,000/hr

exquisitrie portrait collections begin at $950

SIGNATURE portrait collections begin at $950

SIGNATURE lifestyle collections begin at $1,450

Peter & Piper Portrait collections begin at $450

Peter & Piper event collections begin at $375/hr

intimate weddings, elopements, bridal photography, & boudoir

lifestyle & fashion-oriented photography with creative direction for brides and brands

narrative lifestyle portraiture for families and individuals

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