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I see you, in love.

You make the rules for the life you want -- and on your best days, you play with fire.

And that's like, the coolest thing I've ever seen.
Go ahead. Do you.
Love today for the rest of your life.

Engage the romantic
explore the sensual
celebrate the real

You know that love story you've been living?

It's all as beautiful as you imagine.

You are defiantly, resolutely, irretrievably you, choosing your life, creating your own universe, passing up others’ expectations to do what you love and surrounding yourself with what inspires you the most. This is your moment. This is your love story. This is what I am here to celebrate with you.

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How To Be A Lover

3-hours of on-location photography about you, in love. Be romantic. Enjoy today. Keep it real.

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2022 Bridal option

A modern approach to  Bridal photography for the girl who wants to see what love feels like (CREATED WITH CLAIRE PETTIBONE) 

2022 ONLY: Just mention that you heard about me through Claire Pettibone, and receive our special collaboration rate of $1150 + travel fees

The photographer

Meet Kellē

I don't believe in bored. I stay fascinated.

I've been at this photography thing for over 20 years, and I am pretty sure "success" for me is just getting to do what I love on repeat. My pictures are poetry, but I like human things honest, easy, and clear.  My favorite clients are my favorite people: the lovers who can't get enough of being in love. (Don't worry, guys. It doesn't end here.  I promise.) If that's you,  I already love you. It's amazing what happens when you don't settle.

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Go for it.

If you know what you want to do (and you want to do it with me), go ahead and tell me about it. Just fill out the form here or send a note directly to

I'm looking forward our conversation!

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